Who’s that chow hound in the kitchen?

Who’s that chow hound in the kitchen?


Biscuits by Lambchop is the genius invention of New Yorker Annette Frey, who was inspired to create a gluten-free, vegan treat for dogs with delicate digestions, like her own beloved mutt. She calls the biscuits “sensible treats for the sensitive dog.” Dogs just call them delicious. 

Available in two flavors – lambchop-shaped, banana-coconut-vanilla “Choppers” and star-shaped, apple-honey-cinnamon “Starlets” – Biscuits by Lambchop are best-sellers. And that’s no surprise, what with increased awareness of how nutrition can help our pets and us to stay healthy.

My cancer-survivor K9 Tiki adores these cookies, and I can rest easy knowing I’m reducing his risk of recurrence by feeding gluten-free, preservative-free morsels at snack time. Other fans of Biscuits by Lambchop include Francesca and Sharkey, Martha Stewart’s adorable French bulldogs. 

That’s Annette hanging with Star, her dependable taste-tester. We dig her apron, don’t you?

Posted by Julia Szabo.

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14 Responses to “Who’s that chow hound in the kitchen?”

  1. Tonia Says:

    Cute pic! I know so many dogs with skin & health issues…all related to allergies. Glad they now have a treat too!

  2. Lana Goldenberg Says:

    I adore Annette and her work! What a gift to all those concerned with their pets’ health!

  3. Tracy Says:

    The flavors sound delicious and I love that they’re all natural. Will definitely have to let my own pooches give these a try. :)

  4. angela Says:

    Love Biscuits by Lambchops… oops, I mean our yellow lab, Ella Fitzgerald, loves them! :) The ingredients are so wholesome that humans could eat them, too. I had heard that Martha’s dogs are big fans, so if they are good enough for her dogs, good enough for ours, too!!!

  5. Janie McQueen Says:

    Brilliant–also for pet owners who espouse a nutritious and/or vegan lifestyle, there’s not much for their beloved pets in the mystery-meat prone dog food aisle!

  6. Susan Newman Says:

    It’s wonderful to see healthy treats for animals, I hope Annette will consider treats for cats next.

  7. Melissa Cassera Says:

    We love Annette and Biscuits by Lambchop too!!

  8. Payson Says:

    Such a brilliant idea with so many pets in need of some special TLC… know I saved my cat’s lives with natural diet changes. If had a pup he’d get these for sure!

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  10. Lynn Says:

    Don’t those flavors make you wish you were a dog??? Annette’s passion for providing healthy treats for dogs shines through in her choosing all natural ingredients. Bravo!

  11. Nada Says:

    Loving that dogs are benefitting from all the healthy habits humans are implementing in their own lives–any chance you could make a treat for a two year old boys that thinks dog food is “cheerios”?

  12. LaNorma Says:

    Annette is great! She has created amazing doggie biscuits. My bichon, Sinatra, loves them.

  13. Phyllis Cheung Says:

    I can’t wait to get some of these healthy treats for my dogs! Thank you Annette!

  14. Audrey Says:

    I am glad to see dogs can eat healthy too. My little dog Diamond will probably love these.


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