Introducing Limelight, a new Crypton fabric from Burch Fabrics. Part of the Trailblazer collection, the new product uses color blocking and a pattern of intersecting circles. It is available in eight colorways: galaxy, spiced, aloha, mixed berry, valentine, toast, sprout and tranquil. Made with Crypton performance, Limelight is protected against odors and stains, making the product’s bold pattern durable for high-traffic areas in hospitality, commercial and healthcare environments.

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HIGH POINT — Although some retailers and manufacturers think of performance fabrics strictly as a rough-hand, neutral palette option for upholstery, advances in the textile industry have created nearly limitless color, pattern and construction choices.

As buyers specify thousands of fabrics this week at market, many will find a surprising number of color-soaked options that combine rich hues with durability and comfort in one package, creating significant upsell potential on upholstery at retail.

Crypton co-founder Randy Rubin and designer Meredith Heron, who created a collection of Crypton Home Fabric for JF Fabrics, talked about the variety of styles available to upholstery suppliers.

“Crypton Home’s color palette for 2015 features a variation of sophisticated neutrals,” Rubin said. “Gray is popular in warm and cool tones and is accented with pops of saturated colors like indigo, emerald green, marigold and coral red.”

Rubin said that in the past, certain colors were more problematic in the performance category than others with regard to colorfast capabilities.

“Red and indigo have been the worst culprits,” Rubin said. “However, with new advances in dyeing technology, dyestuff formulas and more stringent requirements for the home textile industry, problems with colorfastness are less of an issue.”

Heron said that blues that can be used as grays or charcoals are currently popular with consumers, as are plums that “can feel like iron and corals that fade into blush.” She said the first Crypton Home collection that she created for JF Fabrics has been “grayed out or faded into rich pastels that still feel saturated and luxurious.”

Rubin said that many of the Crypton color palettes are inspired by her travels around the world and draw from nature, architecture and fashion. She added that the company pays “close attention” to trends by keeping tabs on media research, current paint and carpet palettes and design blogs. company uses the research to then forecast future color trends for their markets.

“There used to be a noticeable divide in regional color palettes, such as southern states demanding brighter colors to accommodate the hot sun and midwestern states opting for a more conservative palette,” Rubin said. “However, today’s consumer is more interested in decorating their homes with colors that reflect their personal style. It is all about personalization and creative expression with an emphasis on accessibility.”

Heron said she has discovered both similarities and differences in consumer preferences during European excursions.

“In my travels to Spain, London and Italy, I have found that thanks to the Internet, the color palette choices aren’t really that much different,” Heron said. “I would say that color does find its way into drapery fabrics and upholstery more so than in North America. They are more likely than we are to put a bold print or color on a sofa and then keep the surroundings spare and minimal.”

Rubin agreed that technology has had a significant impact on the demand for color palettes.

“There was a distinct difference in international color palettes before we had access to the Internet and social media,” she said. “Europe would determine which fashions and colors were on trend and the rest of the world would slowly follow suit. With the advance of technology and global communications, we all have access to the same information at the same time.”

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Burch Fabrics, Grand Rapids, Mich., now offers Limelight, a new fabric from Crypton Inc.

Part of the Trailblazer Collection, Limelight features clever color blocking and a pattern of intersecting circles, showcasing rich, energizing hues in eight colorways: Galaxy, Spiced, Aloha, Mixed Berry, Valentine, Toast, Sprout and Tranquil.

The fabric protects against odors and stains, and is recommended for high traffic areas in hospitality, commercial and health care environments.

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Though this isn’t Comic Con, Hardy Sullivan called upon comic book-style superheroes in his expo presentation titled “Super Fabric Advancements Combat Arch Villains.” The vice president of research and development for Crypton Inc. described several of his company’s textile products with graphic representations as follows:

      • “Splendor” represented Revl™ anti-graffiti vinyl, launched in March. “It has a full matte-luster capability range,” Sullivan said, noting that a stain-resistant fabric with a matte finish is particularly appealing to the upholstery world.
      • “Izonyu” represented SigNature®, announced in January as anti-counterfeiting technology that can be used across all of Crypton’s properties. “It stays with the fabric,” Sullivan said. “It can be used in a court of law as forensic evidence, and it’s highly tailorable.
      • “Tri-pel” represented Aquapel®, chemistry with a hydrocarbon polymer that repels water and oil and releases stains.
      • “Steam” represented Dry Inside apparel, a dual-moisture management system that combats “cold and clammy” with a one-way wicking that leaves the inside of the fabric dry.
      • “Blockem” represented Wick + Block™, which also combats “cold and clammy” and stains.

In a conversation after his presentation, Sullivan noted that Wick + Block was field tested by the Miami Dolphins, Seattle Seahawks and San Diego Chargers and now is “going across the board,” since Nike has the rights to produce all NFL uniforms. Wick + Block is produced by Nanotex, which, Sullivan said, Crypton acquired to complement its focus on new technology with a target toward apparel.

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Crypton, Inc. presents Alias, manufactured by Burch Fabrics and made with Crypton technology. Available in six colorways—Raspberry Truffle, Magma (shown), Peacock, Blue Agave, Copper Mine and Citrus—the fabric features satin weave atop a contrasting matte background.

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HIGH POINT — Fabric supplier Crypton Inc. will be the team sponsor for the fall High Point Market Style Spotters. From October 17-22, the Style Spotter team will travel the market, highlighting favorite finds with their Style Spotters cards. These products are then placed on individual Pinterest boards and used as the focus of discussion at Style Spotters LIVE, a panel discussion highlighting the hot finds at market.

Scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 20, at 9 a.m. in the IHFC ballroom, Style Spotters LIVE! will be immediately followed by several Style Spotters Trend Tours to favorite showrooms. The groups’ picks and market activities can be followed on social media with the hashtag “hpmktSS”.

Crypton is a high-performance textile company that offers indoor and outdoor fabrics with the ability to repel stains, moisture, mildew, bacteria and odor. Established in 1993 and based in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., the company has 19 global patents and 25 trademarks. During market, the company will be using the social media hashtag “#HPmktCoveredinCryptonHome”.

“This partnership between Crypton Home and Style Spotters is indicative of our commitment to integrate innovative technology with design trends,” said Randy Rubin, co-founder of Crypton. “There’s a growing trend where consumers are using outdoor fabric to upholster their interiors. Our Crypton Home products fill a void in the market, providing homeowners and designers with an indoor fabric that is both durable and mess-proof without sacrificing style, softness, and breathability.”

The Style Spotters and the interior design community will partner for a Google Hangout discussion of their top picks on Sept. 11 at 4 p.m. EST. Broadcast live from GooglePlus and YouTube, the Style Spotters will discuss their favorite picks from images submitted by High Point Market exhibitors for the new product premiere program.

After the event, the recorded video will be available for viewing through the High Point Market Authority’s YouTube channel and the Interior Design Community’s website. For more details, visit

“I’m already beginning to see a lot of excitement generating for fall market,” said Michelle Jennings Wiebe, a former Style Spotter. “I can’t wait to discuss the new product debuts with the other team members on the Google Hangout, and then finally get to see and touch the products in showrooms in October!”

For more details about the Style Spotters program, visit
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Rubin Retouch 005_WEB

Randy and Craig Rubin, developers of stain proof upholstery fabric ‘Crypton’, will receive the JVS Business Leadership Award on June 11.

“The Rubins won the award for developing a stylish and stain-proof upholstery fabric for restaurants, hotels, hospitals and other public spaces,” a press release from JVS Business informed.

“Crypton began as a solution to a big problem in the design world, as when a designer wanted to create beautiful patterns in places like restaurants, hotels, etc, they would vinylise the fabric,” Randy Rubin said.

“This was done in order to protect it from inevitable spills and stains, but the vinyl would delaminate and it was as well hot and sticky,” Randy added.

In 1993, the Rubins went to work developing a fabric that was both stylish and stain-proof, by taking inspiration from an item commonly found on store shelves and created an innovative solution.

“I was in a Walgreen’s drugstore and saw a huge pile of disposable diapers; that was the magic moment,” Craig Rubin said.

“If it was possible to create something that liquid could not penetrate and yet be breathable, then there must be a way to create a stain-resistant decorative upholstery fabric,” Craig too added.

“JVS is proud to recognize the Rubins for their success and innovation,” Josh Eichenhorn, JVS board member said.

“Just as important, their company has an enviable standard of excellence in employee relations and providing opportunities for employees to advance in the company,” he too added.

The Rubins have set-up patented high-tech textiles and environmentally-responsible manufacturing facilities and employ over 100 employees. (AR)

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